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Hobby Talk #1: When you try to sort some things out…

I always wanted to do many social media things in the BJD Hobby, since there are different plattforms you can express yourself… youtube – instagram – deviantart – den of angels -flickr – tumblr – and so on. But for me it can get really overwhelming, sorting out which is the right way for me and especially which is not.

Where can I put my pictures?
Where can I post my stories?
Where to share my thoughts on the hobby?
How can I keep an overview on my things?
I needed a base where I can boundle everthing I do…

I was many years on devinantart – but in the end there was no activity from my side at all. And so the pictures I took lay there, unloved. Now I am on flickr and I am still not sure, if it’s the right plattform for me. But I will give it a try and be more active, not only in the hobby, but also with travel pictures and other things.
I am also on tumblr (but more for fun,  than that I really post there much…), youtube, etsy, den of angels, dollicted, google+ and facebook. And for me that is the limit of my social capacitiy – or is it?

The big change, that made me reconsider all my web profiles in this hobby, was when I got more active on den of angels and started to watch more and more youtube videos.

I love how people around the world, connect through one thing they all share – Dolls!

I also want to share more about me in the hobby and my Dolls, their stories and the world I am creating, everytime I look at them. Things I craft, things where I am good at and also where I fail… and that is quite often. But I want also to share, what I learn in my process.

So I decided to change not what I do, but how I do it: I need a basis! A home for all the profiles, all my stuff and thoughts. A plattform to put on my stories and characters and where it is all about my Dolls…

So here I am, on wordpress, my BJD blog – still in the progress of creating my little BJD world. And I think I like it here…

I am excited to learn more about what I can do and where it will take me. And right now I am very motivated to try some old stuff in a new way.

So yeah – we will see, where it will take me.
Until then, cheers and thank you for reading my first blog entry.

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