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BJD addicts Written Prompt #1 – The Wait

So I decided to do the BJD addicts written prompts. I think here is the perfect plattform, to finally answer these questions about the hobby. If you are not familiar with these prompts, they are basically a way to share thoughts, experience and knowledge of the hobby with each other, installed from BJD owners for BJD owners… you can find more about the prompts and BJD addicts with these links or just google it.

So here we go – Written Prompt #1 – The Wait

“What are some things you do, while you wait for your doll/doll things to come in?”

That is a very good question… I think it depends on what I am waiting for.
If it is a Doll, I already thought about the character I want her or him to have. While I wait I mostly think about eyes, wig, style, habits, history and so on. What I am also usually do, is a photoshoped moodboard. I create the appearance of the Doll, how I imagine he or she  would look like. I also add some thing, he or she would  like or would be representing their characteristics… That is very inspiring and fun for me and helps me to endure the wait.

With props and goodies it is just annoying to wait, I want everything right now…haha …so mostly before I buy I Doll, I already ordered the basic stuff I will need.

The Wait is always a big part of the BJD Hobby, especially when you live in Europe like me. But the important thing is when you receive your Doll or Doll stuff and be excited and happy. Then the Wait wasn’t that bad at all.

cheers and till next time.

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