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BJD addicts Written Prompt #2: Dream Doll

Written Prompt #2: Dream Doll

“If money was not an issue, what would be your dream doll to have and why?”

Of course there are many Dolls I adore… especially the way other Doll owners style and custumize their Dolls… So sometimes I look at a Doll and think “Nah – not my sculpt” and then I see the exact same sculpt in a different style and I am in love.

But for the question – I do have Dream Dolls
Two of them I own or are on the way – but of course there are more!

(click on the Doll name to go to the site)

  1. Iplehouse JID Soa – yes yes yes! Never regreted buying her
  2. Doll Chateau Colin – I loved his unique look. But I didn’t thought about buying him until this year and I am very happy ❤
  3. Iplehouse Bichun….even if he is way to big for me and IH seems to be really heavy
  4. Iplehouse Soo – she is a bigger version of my Soa
  5. Iplehouse Audrey  – I love the look on her face
  6. Souldoll Kanguk – Sold out!! and also too big for me anyways
  7. Souldoll HwaYeon – the lovely Lady in the blog picture
  8. Ringdoll Chunyi  – cute little monk!
  9. Ringdoll Camilla – the beautiful Vampire Queen
  10. Ringdoll K – too cool and smexy
  11. Doll Zone Gill – she also really cool and I love the wing on the back
  12. Doll Zone Figaro – “What does the fox say…”
  13. Doll Zone Anson – pretty flower girl
  14. Doll Zone Big Dipper – love the dear spirit vibe
  15. Doll Chateau Elisabeth – spider!
  16. Doll Chateau Barbara – creepy and beautiful

and of course every Doll on my wish list

But money is und will be an issue.. so I keep saving for the Dolls on my list. And the rest… The rest I will simply enjoy and adore!

cheers ❤

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