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Boxopening #1: Griselda is here – Iplehouse KID Lonnie


So my two girls and me were waiting for the new Dollie to arrive. I ordered in March one of my OCs at Iplehouse (KID Lonnie), her name is Griselda. A little dead  Zombie-Sugar-Skull girl living in the Otherworld together with Taru. Trau is currently in production. He will be a Doll Chateau Colin, but I must say I was surprised, that Griselda arrived before him, since I already ordered him in January. There you can see the differences in production time between the different companies. But back to Griselda, or Selda short.

The letter from custom service came Monday and finally I was able to pick her up today. I was really relieved when the letter came, because EMS said, that she was already delivered and I was like: “Nooo?! WTF – where is my Doll?”

But yeah – everything went like it should and I drove 30 minutes to pick her up. I had to touch the package several times while driving, to make sure I am not dreaming…haha. umfvhxt


Everthing was really nicely packed, there was no dam5qiqbrbage or holes.

I ordered not only the Doll, but also a white lace dress and some fantasy hands, because I really liked the nails and I thought it would fit the theme of the caracter more. There was also the Iplehouse calender 2016 inside, I was really happy about that. I have the 2014 calender and I love the pictures, you still can display them, even if the year is already finished. Also I adore the Carved Heritage caracters Iplehouse created, they are amazing. So I just have to find a nice spot for the calender later.

Also Iplehouse has now a great pet doll line, with dogs and cats. Maybe some day a little cat_cheesy will join my crew…

The Dress and the hands unpacking:




Her is a comparison between the normal KID hands and the fantasy hands:

As you can see they are similar, but the nails on the fantasy parts (right hand) are way longer.





Also the wig I ordered through ebay some time ago. I really want her to stay in an white/ gray/ black theme, exept her eyes and some flower accessoires.




I really like the box. The artlike Doll printed on the front is very pretty. inside was of course Selda, also some eye putty, some extra string and some 12mm eyes. There are in an beautiful purple color and I already put them insinde her head. I wanted some pretty, but not natural colored eyes for her, but I didn’t ordered some. The main reason was, that I hoped IH would send a pretty color I like and that I want to use- and that is the case! ** yay **


She is strung perfect. I think she is the better strung than any Doll I have ever had. Her arms and legs keep the positions, she can stand and hold her head. I still see the difference between KID feet and MSD feet. There is way less space to balance her, but it is still fine and just need some practise I think.


The resin is very even and she fits perfect in my hand. I can’t wait to go outside with her!I really like her body, especially the little dimples on her back ❤


So now she is all dressed up, also with some flowers in her hair, waiting for her face up hopefully tomorrow or sunday. I adore her already and I think she fits well in the group.

Her face up theme will be an mexican sugar skull… I hope I can get it like I want. I am a little bit nervous about it, but we will see what will happen. Also Brigitte (my Doll-Love Evol Head normal skin on an Angel of Dream small breast BODY) need a face and some other work – like tattoos, cloth and so on…

But maybe I just will finish all of them in one outfit, to got outside with them and do the firt proper photoshoot. I will keep you guys updated.




We say thank you for reading and till next time



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