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Doll Meet #1: Munich – 02-04-2016

So I almost forgot to tell you about my first Meet up with my local BJD people.

I was really nervous, because Marie was just finished with her face, her wig was way to big, she had a nice dress, that didn’t look like herself and my carrier bag wasn’t nearly finished the day before…STRESS!! Good Lord what an friday before the meet!

But on Saturday I was ready to meet other BJD owners and be outside with my Doll the first time. We first went to a restaurante in munich called “Hans im Glück” – I love this location and the food. Not my first time there, and definitely not my last.









I had a delicious burger and some sweet potato fries, also some mint lemonade…hmmm ❤

My little Azone joined us  while eating, too.

It was a great start to know the others a little bit better and to talk about the hobby, what I usually don’t realy do with other poeple.

Afterwards we drove with the train to the botanic garden in munich. It is an beautiful location for a walk and for taking photos. Especially during spring time, when everthing is blooming.


I was able to take some nice photos of Marie in different locations in the garden,sadly I have no good camera, so I had to use my mobile and not all photos came out good…but maybe I can lend the camera of my BF next time!


(Marie – Iplehouse JID Soa – mine)

Also there were awsome other Dolls, which I was able to capture on camera


first picture: Iplehouse pet cat_tabby
second picture: IH JID Soa (belongs to nufa on dollicted) and Marie, funny how different the same sculpt can look…


DikaDoll Soom Turb (belongs to brekikex – blog)


Fairyland F60 Celine Sleeping Mold (belongs to v a n ♡ r i – flickr)


Fairyland F60 Celine Sleeping Mold (belongs to v a n ♡ r i – flickr), Volks Chika (belongs to KaiJule from Den of Angels)


Rosenlied Holiday’s Child Sha Sha (Santana – blog – instagram)


Volks Crystal (belongs to KaiJule from Den of Angels)


Soom Silky, Fairyland RealFee Pano mint (both belong to toybox – blog flickr), Iplehouse Cat_Tabby (belongs to nufa), Fairyland RealFee Pano tan (belongs to v a n ♡ r i – flickr)


Volks Chika (belongs to KaiJule from Den of Angels) and my Marie

And the Organisator of the meet Roterwolkenvogel (- blogflickr)

It was the first time I had the chance to play with an SD and yosd sized Doll… SD is really heavy, but now I am tempted to buy one SD sized Doll (favorite choice here). And I was now sure that my KID will be a very comfortable size!

It was an beautiful day with very nice people and I am looking forward to meet them all again. I was really surprised how kind and nice everyone was. Hopefully soon again!

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