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BJD addicts written prompt #3: Fantasy Doll

Written Prompt #3: Fantasy Doll

“What Fantasy creature would you like to see as BJD?”

…yes… That is a difficult question.

The reason, why I think this is diffcult, is simple. 😀

There are many manufactures and creators, who produce Fantasy Dolls. If I would say a zentaur, I could also mention 3-4 companies selling zentaures, or snake bodies, or other animal human fantasy hybrids. With BJDs it is nearly everytime possible, to create the caracter you want or wish. Sometimes you need to pay more, or have to pay someone to help you, or you have to do it yourself…

But maybe I will find a creature, which I would love to see, besides all the beautiful dolls, which already exist… I already have some Fantasy Dolls, which I really wanted:


(left to rigth: DollZone big brother – at home; Doll Zone The Star limited Edition – on the way; Doll Chateau Farmitia – at home)

I thought a long time about different and new kinds of Fantasy Dolls and creatures I would choose, before my mind raced to one of my favorite artists of all time: Luis Royo ( – wikihis website – )

Since a young age, like 12-13 years, I loved his pictures of beautiful, strong and independent women. Amazing and inspiring pictures of fantasy world, with big beasts, demons and angels. Some pictures I remember clearly, especially this one:

“Fallen Angel 1”

A cyborg male angel, with metalic wings and a female angel, with beautiful white wings. She is embracing him, both kneeing on the floor and it seems like, she is giving him comfort and protection. It is drawn in warm brown colours and it really has an sad, but beautiful aura.


I would love to see a angel sculpt in this cyborg style or a doll with beautiful featherly wings. I know there are already winged BJDs, but I really want so see this metalic  wings or wings with real feathers, attached to the doll.

Yeah…These are my thoughts.
Thank you for reading.
cheers ❤

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