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OC Design #1: Creating the Daevas (Concept Ideas)

Character creating is always a fun thing…and very exhausting.

For me everthing begins with a character, their story, their live – maybe their soul. Who are they, where are they from and what do I want to tell with these characters.

A main group of my little Story-Doll-Universe are the Daevas. I read about the Zoroastrianism religion, when I was searching for some demons for my story. I wanted a group of demons to be involved with my other characters, but I also wanted them to have a history. It was never my intention to use the whole religion, just to look for interesting characters through history and legends, i can interpret in my way.

In the Zoroastrianism gospel is the main evil a demon named Ahriman, the demon of all demons and his seven arch demons, or daevas. I really liked the concept  of the arch demons and wanted to find my seven Daevas.

After some research, I made my decision for the characters I wanted and then the fun began. It really took some time to find the doll which fit for each character, and still there are changes once in a while. But I really needed a basic concept of each of my Daevas… I don’t know… I am very visuall and I need a certain picture to work with. Last week I printed the dolls I decided to want and draw on them some concepts…and here we are:

But enough blabla, I really want to show you my seven Daevas!


He is the head of the group  – the Daeva of anarchy and drinking. The doll I have in mind is a Soul Doll KIDS Joelle.D in normal skin. I really like the small smirk in the corner of his mouth and he looks quite adultlike for an MSD Doll. His concept will be casual warrior…

Aka Manah

She is the Deavas about bad thoughts and sins. She is a siren  – so I really wanted a sculpt, I always thought is stunning. She should be an Iplehouse JID Benny in ebony skin and bright golden eyes. Innocent like an doe and deadly like an python. That is also the reason, why I want her to have antlers and an innocent, beautiful style.



Aeshma is special… He is the Deava of  greed, murder and anger. I really liked the idea of an japanese Kabuki demon. So I thought a Miracle Doll Baiye head with a Doll Chateau body (nr. 12.1) would fit perfectly.



Asto will be an Angel of Dream skull head and a  Doll Chateau body (nr. 06). I love this concept… like an ancient skull shaman. Especially with the ram horns and the extra joints of the DC body. He is the Daeva who follows the living in the shadows, so he can hunt them with his rope, when they died. Of course he is also the protector of the assassins.


Agash wil be, if everything is going well with my order, a Doll Zone Limited Edition The Star. This doll wasn’t planned as a Daeva at all, but I was looking for an closed eyed doll. And I just saw her and FELL IN LOVE <3. I purchased the full set and hopefully everything will be going as planned…

Anyways – Agash is the Daeva of the evil look. She can harm and even kill someone with her eyes. That is why I really like, that her eyes are closed – lol.



She is the Daeva of thirst, aging and all their negative aspects. She loves poison and prepares them for her brother Taru, so he can kill their victims.


Taru is the Daeva of hunger and his consequences. He kills humans trough poisoning plants and animals, which they will comsume and die.

Both will be an Doll Chateau KID Colin.
Zarik – the girl – will be in tan skin, since DC now offers more skin tones. And Taru – the boy – is at home in white skin. So they apear like twins, even they are not really  full twins – more like two aspects of an coexisting disease.

So yeah…. I want to start on Taru soon, with his clothes, face up and so on. And then we will see. I would love to hear your opinon on my concepts.
But for now thank you for reading this veerrryy long blog 🙂
cheers and bye.

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