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Boxopening #2: New members of the Family – Baiye, Colin and my Little ones

I am late… Like always – haha

But I really want to share my new boys, my first boys, I got this year.
Aeashma and Taru – two of my Deava characters…

In June came Aeshma, my Miracle Doll MSD head Baiye in white skin and he is absolut fantastic. With his little smirk and this tooth peeking out of his mouth. Adorable!! At that time I wasn’t sure how to style him…and if he will get a body. But now I know where he will take me for now and can save for his body. Here are his pictures:


In July Taru, my Doll Chateau KID Colin in white skin came, after the longest wait ever!! (Doll Chateau always plays with the patience of their customers) But he was worthy every minute. I love the diversity of his face. It depends of the angle and light, that he can look sweet, fun or evil like the devil himself. Beautiful sculpt – see here:


Also came two little rascals… They are still all shy, but when they are painted, I think we will see them often enough:


*There is someone outside.*
*I’ll take a peek…*




*They are looking at us O.O*
*Come back inside man!!*


(Doll Zone Big Brother, Doll Chateau Farmita)

Thanks for your time – cheers 🙂

2 thoughts on “Boxopening #2: New members of the Family – Baiye, Colin and my Little ones”

  1. Ah what a wonderful box-opening! So many great dolls! Congrats on them. You Deavas seem so interesting and cool, I am looking forward to the results!


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