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OC Design #2: Taru -The Daeva of Hunger Part 1

SO….finally I startet on my little Love – my Doll Chateau Colin – my Daeva Taru.  If you want to know the basic idea behind my version of Daevas: here.

I drew some basic designs, so I knew wich direction I wanted to go and what I had or will have to do.  I wanted him to wear more natural fabrics, some magic items and a mysterios appearance…

So I went to my little fabric heaven – my shelf in my crafting area – and looked up what I already had. I always gather fabrics, leather, ribbons and so on, but I always buy new stuff for new projects. Not this time – this is what i found:


Some wool fabrics, brown leather and two ties, also some other little thing  I could use.
I startet with the leather, which should become his hood. It had a big cut out, which I stiched togehter, to create the basic form of the hood. Then I tried to create the form I wanted trough fixing some parts together.


(you can see my boyfriends hand in the backround playing guild wars 2)


After that I decided where the snaps will be and sew them on. And the hood was finished. I also managed to sew some accessoires: a bag, a scarf and an amulet:


The scarf ist just a loop with some buttons, which match the buttons on the hood, and later on the other clothes.


A basic massenger bag with a snap – I will make him some thing, to put in the bag, but for now this works fine…


The pendant is an old button of an jeans trouser…I thought it would look nice.


Last but not least I worked on the top. The first pattern was a desaster xD like always. Especially the sleeves drove me crazy. Then I remembered I already had an pattern, I could alter and VIOLA…top finished!!

So this is what I got so far:


I am working now on his vest, his trousers, boots and the rest of his accssoires…and then only his face up, tattoos and body blushing are missing @3@ …

But seriously – I really have fun creating him!!

So stay tuned and cheers ❤

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