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OC Design #3: Taru -The Daeva of Hunger – Part 2

I continued my work on my sweet Taru. I am so in love with him ❤ – here you find Part 1.

I found some old ties at my work, which nobody needed. So I took them home and sewed a long west for Taru. One tie was the back, one tie the two sides. I thought the two reddish pattern will bring some fun in his outfit.

Also some stuff I bought:wp_20160926_002-2

Some new eyes in a beautiful brown gold tone. They are a little bit to big – i think I will buy similar ones sometime, which are smaller.




Some cute flasks, for Tarus poisons. He can carry them in his bag and I can take pictures with them. Two of the flasks are already filled, with some stones and sugar.

(I found them here)



This is a braclet of myself, I bought it for my middle age costume. But it always comes of and I am afraid I will lose it someday. Then I thought it would be a nice belt for Taru and it fits around his hip perfectly!



Then I started on the trouser – it didn’t work out like I wanted. But anyways I really like the outcome. The waistband is also a tie I used and it workes just fine. For now the trouser legs are rolled up, maybe I will change that.

What I still have to do is a pair of boots, one or two missing accessoires and then blushing and the face up. After the boots I will take him apart, so I can seal and paint him… This will be my first restring project and I am really afraid of it. I know it can’t be that bad, but… @__@

…we will see… But here he his with all his new clothes so far – I say thanks and bye bye



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