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Hobby Talk #2: When you try not to buy…and fail :D

So I flipped out the other day and bought like there is no tomorrow 😀

I really thought about it for days and days. I even discussed it with my Boyfriend – who was pro buying btw – and I really wasn’t sure. wi5egtm

I think about getting a new head for Brie (on the right) since the beginning of this year. My Doll Love Evol head is sweet, but not Brie… Evol was more like an practise head, I got 2 years ago, when Brie started to get into my mind. So then I needed a doll for her character and I had already a head. Then I bought a beautiful body for this head – and I was not happy. I considered giving up on Brie, because first I thought that it is her. But then I thought it is me and – finally-I knew it was the head. So I looked at different companies and found the head I want for her – a Doll Chateau Debbie.
I know: more DC Dolls 😉

The second thing, that really keeped my head busy, was Zarik. Zarik is Tarus sister, my dream of a female DC Colin in tan skin!! I am really inspired to show the two of them together and since I am progessing with Taru, I really want to start Zarik next…

So I went to Angelseque – my retailer in the UK – to look around, put stuff in my cart, deleted it, put them back in, deleted it, put them back in, deleted it …..

And then he happend:


HUGIN!! … I mean look at him!!…he (and Grumpy Cat) is the 2016 Halloween Event Doll from Doll Chateau and he is ADORABLE!!

So I put everthing back into the cart and viola – I am qualified to get Hugin. So pressed buy, paid and now I have to wait…hmm I think a few month… and I will have more Dolls…

…didn’t I want just one in the beginning??… 😀 how naive I was then!

cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #2: When you try not to buy…and fail :D”

  1. I do understand this feeling for it happened to me many times, lol. When Fairyland got the Sale off 10% like 3 years ago, I was tempted to buy Feeple65 Chloe but she’s over my budget at that time. So, I put her in the cart, then deleted her then I repeated the process several times until by the end of that month – I BOUGHT HER!!! OMG, I bought her and she’s forever my muse!!! I love her so so much ❤


    1. yes!! That is exactly the feeling 😀 I am so glad, that I am not the only cart-fill-and-delete-shopper.
      And isn’t the money always forgotten, when you see the Beauty after unboxing ❤ I also don't regret any purchase of my dolls, even if I really had to cut on other ends 🙂


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