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OC Design #4: Some Basics for Marie…finally – Part 1

wp_20161006_003_1So there is this monthly challenge on DoA about basic clothes for your dolls. And I decided to enter with my Marie. She never had really a style, I thought of fitting for her. I am considering which style would fit for her now for a long time. Some nights ago I dreamed of her and she really looked edgy, still with her purple hair – and I found my inspiration: Rhianna!! like here or here. High waisted skirts and trousers, crop tops or crop shirts. Sometimes more elegand and sometimes more fun.

(here she is wearing things I have…not things that fit to her character…)

I found some stretchy fabric in my stock, which all can be combined witheach other, because the colours would match.


The I decided what I want to do with each of the fabrics, which are blue, black, pink wool, pattern blue, pattern pink.

jacket crop top – turtle neck crop top – shirt crop top – top skirt headband scarf
3 different styles: pink wool,
black and blue
black and pattern pink black and pattern blue black and blue each fabric one skirt each fabric one headband black and blue

Then I craftet all the pattern, for each basic cloth and finally cut everything.


Then I started sewing first all the Accessoires – headbands and scarfs – and I decided to do a Little DIY tutorial on these, because it is a easy way to complete a style.

wp_20161011_003Griselda and Marie were keeping me company, while I worked…


Then I continued with the skirts and man, I cursed… The blue fabric is stretchy like no other fabric I ever worked with. It completely stretched out of the pattern, so I had to adjust it while I sew…. Im mean seriously… what is happening xD

The other fabrics were stretchy, too, but I was able to sew them normally… The blue one… I am still mad at it – haha. But in the end I had 4 pencil skirts and 4 different length. The blue pattern one even has little slits on the side – fancy fancy.

I also sew the first of the tops and put a first impression of an outfit on Marie… I was so HAPPY!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ She is looking beautiful! I will continue with the rest of the clothes soon, so I can show you all the good stuff 🙂

till then thank you for reading and cheers ❤




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