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OC Design #5: Some Basics for Marie…finally – Part 2

So I contiued with my basic clothes project for Marie – here you can read part 1 – and I am finished!! *yay* But first things first. What I am still had to do where the rest of the tops, two jackets and to stay motivated 😀

I was able to sew the turtle neck and the t-shirt, like I planned. Mainly because, the fabrics were kind to me. The two tops where a little bit more difficult to sew, not only because one of them was the blue fabric, also because I wanted them to look a little bit more fancy. I had to sew on both om them studs, so I can close and open it more easily.

The black version:


The blue fail version….


This fabrics still makes me maaaaad!! >-<
As you can see this version was an total fail. It became to small and completely fell out of the pattern… I mean what is this??? So I tried it a second time, but this time I traped it on her body, without any pattern.

The blue version…now it worked!


So after this I had to have an break of a few days… I was thinink HOW will I sew the jacket in this disastrous blue fabric… and then I remembered on of my favorite youtuber Annika and her tissue trick! (please check her out she is gorgeous!)

Basicly you pin your stretchy fabric on to some tissue paper. This prevents the fabric to stetch and it can hold his shape. Whe you wet the paper afterwards, you can easily pull it apart… Sidenote: The easily pull apart thing only works, with a straight stitch. Since i used zik zak on all clothes I made in this project, I had to pluck the tissue paper out of the seam. But hei! It hold the shape and that is what I wanted… her you can see what I did:


If you ever have the same problem as I had, I can really recommend this tissue way of sewing 🙂


Now I will prepare some nice photos of all the oufits I made for her and the I wil be able to show you Marie in all of her new glory.

cheers and till then ❤

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