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Random #1: Chibi your Doll

Maybe you know it – maybe not… but there is a very fun chibi maker from gen8 on deviantart and I recently had some fun with it, recreating my dolls or characters I want to make dolls of.


(left to right)

first row: my Azone sisters Miku, Hanami and Ray

second row: my human BJD characters Marie and Clarisse

third row: then my Loa Brie and Samedi – also Griselda, my Zombiegirl

forth/fifth row: my Daevas – Saurva, Manah,  Aesh, Asto, Agash, Zarik and Taru

I know very random 😀 … but I really had fun with it and maybe you will be inspired to create some characters yourself… I would love to see some of them 🙂

so yeah – thanks and byebye …

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