Boxopening #3: The Mask…Skulltastic!

I received a wonderful package!!

I ordered few days ago a mask on the etsy shop SpritelyThings and it is here already!

As you can see it is a beautiful skull mask and it fits my MSD Doll Chateau Colin perfectly.

I secured it with some eye putty and it sits like a glove! Then I remembered I have beautiful black/pink demon eyes, with a flat back. And I thought maybe they fit between the mask and the head and – yeeesss ๐Ÿ˜€


But this will be not his new face… I love his face too much, to be covered. This will be the face of one of my Daevas –ย Astovidatu. I actually wanted a Angel of Dreams Skull head for him, but I could only find recasts – and yeah, I won’t buy one of these. So I had to find a alternative and here we are. I am very happy and plans are for 2017, to buy Astovidatus Body (Doll Chateau KID nr. 06).

So yeah, slowly there is some progress! โค

thank you and cheers!

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