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BJD addicts written prompt #4: Favorite Brand/Store?

“What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer?”

I really like certain shops and retailers in the BJD hobby. I mostly buy the doll – obvisiously 😉 – wigs, eyes and shoes at these stores. I bought some clothes at the beginning, but I really like to sew stuff for my dolls. Also I want to try to make a wig in the near future – but that’s a different story. I will post my favorite shops, both companies and retailer together, in a top 10 list below, with a short reason why. If you are interessted in one of these companies, I will link the names to the hompages.

  1. Iplehouse – beautiful and more realistic dolls. I really like their story concepts and generall sculpts. Also they have a choice system, where I was able to buy my KID in grey
  2. Doll ChateauDoll Zone – amazing! So crazy ideas they have with their dolls!
  3.  raccoon doll – small choice of dolls, but great body shapes and more realistic faces. I love especially Emma, with her wide gap between her eyes.
  4. Ringdoll – beautiful sculpts and some of them are very unique – and like DC/DZ, I love unique looks in a doll
  5. Souldoll – beautiful dolls – I love the SD sized ones especially, but they are still to big for my taste… I think…
  6. Luts – perfect if you want to have an basic stock of clothes, items, wigs etc. for your doll. Also very cute yosd dolls!
  7. Think Pink – great custom service and the nearest retail shop to my home. Very handy 😉
  8. Angelesque – I like Carol and I buy at her retail shop regularly. I bought my DC Colin at her shop, also my Famita and Big Brother
  9. eve the cat – maybe…maybe I will… someday, maybe, I will have a cat from them…
  10. sweetiiger – Beautiful handcrafted items, not only for BJDs, also for my Azones – I just ordered two pair of eyes
    (not a certain order)

So this is my little list. Of course there are more shops, beautiful dolls, wonderful stuff to mention. But I thought I can’t make an top 50 ^3^

So anyways – Thanks for your time – cheers ❤

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