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Story Time #1: Progress and Profile Update

I  worked on my story line and updated the doll profiles on my blog. I organized them in races, like Humans, Loa, Spirits, Demons and so on. Every race has a group photo, a little introduction and then the profiles. Most of them still have the company pictures, but that will change over the next few weeks. I also added some new characters, like Gaia, the Spirit Queen – my Doll Chateau Letitia, I just ordered… yeah – more DC Dolls 😀 what is it with me and those two companies (Doll Chateau and Doll Zone).
I also plan to add a little background story of the Daevas and the Spirits, these are already in progress. And of course over time should all profiles have some background info.

But here you can find the links to the profiles, by clicking the pictures.
Or just go to my OC Area.

Thank you and cheers ❤

Humans Dogs LoaDaevasDemons Spirits 


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