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Boxopening #4: Spirit Queen Gaia – Doll Chateau Letitia

She is here

I was searching the other day for a nature spirit queen and found Letitia on the Doll Chateau Homepage… sold out!! I remembered seeing her, when her event was up, but then I had no character fitted. And I think I bought someone else, that time. But now.. now I wished I could buy her. I already braced myself, to find someone else. Then I went to Angelesque and bam! She had a fullset! I don’t think I would have purchased a fullset, when I had the chance to choose. But hei! There she was!!

When I will finish some other projects, I will work on her. The blushing is perfect and for now she will keep the hair  and maybe eyes. But clothes…and a headpiece.
The dress from the set I have no clue how to get that on, but I wrapped a blue fabric around her, I think that suits her better anyways.

But here are the Boxopening Pictures for you guys :

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