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OC Design #6: Making A Wig – or what the heck x)

So yes… I really decided to make a wig…You guys, that is what I love about this hobby: crafting, sewing and creating things for my dolls. Of course to take beautiful pictures, creating a story and so on, are also a big element for me. But what attracted me first, was all the DIY. So it was not unusual for me, to try a wig craft…

…boy I thought this was easier… 😀

The wig cap is fabric and glue. The wefts are wool in two different colors (black and white). Here are some progress shots and the result:

pro of this variation:

The Uhu glues (Bastelkleber and Alleskleber) worked perfectly!
The wig cap stayed like it should and fitted afterwards still on the head
With some help from youtube, I was able to make a middlepart, that is ok
It was a fun and creative process to glue, cut and style the wig
I like the result, even if it is not perfect 🙂

con of this variation:

I think I used the wrong wool – too fine, the wefts didn’t become very fluffy
The white wool was even worse!! 😦
When you lift the wefts, you can see the paper, where I glued them down
The glued ends are sometimes too wide

personal conclusion:

It is faaarrrr from perfect or even very good! I need to practise more and especially if I will do a wool wig, I need to switch to another brand. But all in all I am happy with the result, because I can use it, it doesn’t look so crappy at all and I think Griselda will wear it know some time. So I am good 😀

youtubers, that really helped me: MozekytoXhantiAndreija (Nicoles Dreams)

I will make a second wig soon, for whom we will see, but not with wool. I will use a old mohair wig, that nobody fits in. Then I think I maybe can post a proper blog…

but for now thanks for reading – cheers ❤

-little edit: Seiji (Zirkussoldat on IG) gave me some great tips afterwards, in the german forum dollicted. Also she showed me a site, with some other wool that would work better. So there will be a second try for this to work 🙂 ❤ –

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