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Hobby Talk #4: New Doll Clothes – What to do!

So everyone knows the excitement, when you purchase new clothes for your doll, or you sew them yourself. Either way you can’t wait to put them on and just be happy about it. And then, after a few days or weeks, you want to change the clothes. You undress your doll and AHHH!!! :O everything is stained and colored…

So here are my 5 tips to prevent this to happen to your doll (to a great extent):
  1. Wash the clothes or fabric, before you put them on! Even when you purchased them second hand or sewed them yourself.
  2. Wash the clothes regularly! Sometimes there is still stuff coming out
  3. Change the clothes of your doll regularly, especially when they are black or dark colored
  4. Clean your doll with a magic sponge, before you put clothes back – except, your doll has body blushing, then carfully clean the dirty parts
  5. If you can and want, use protective clothes underneath – I also consider to buy some for my dolls, especially the one, who loves dark clothes

Most of you already know these tips, but I thought it is a good reminder or good for beginners. The reason why it was important for me: I had to clean my doll really hard, because I forgot to wash a new trouser and the legs of my doll were really dirty. Luckly I checked on her and was able to clean her properly. Then I washed all my doll clothes the other day and what dirt!! But now everthing is fresh again…

So keep it clean 😉
cheers and byebye ❤

2 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #4: New Doll Clothes – What to do!”

  1. What a nice list! It’s good to be reminded to wash clothes regularly. Even if they look clean, sometimes they aren’t! >_<


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