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Hobby Talk #5: Fashion Doll Custom

Since I am not able to do any face ups right now, I am thinking about projects for 2017. For this year I have enough crafting and sewing ahead, but I really want to improve my face up skills and to be more confident in that what I do. So I thought about how to practice, before I will redo or do the faces of my BJDs. Of course I just could use my Evol head, who is Bries head right now and will be in 2017 a Doll Chateau head. But then I thought, maybe I will try also something different.

I really love these OOAK  Fashion Dolls – I played with Barbie, when I was young and these kind of dolls still have a little part of my doll heart. But their originial design often don’t ring any emotions in me. This changes with a custom face up, more love to detail and a unique idea, then they can look really beautiful.

So I thought about which brand and doll I would use to try this kind of project. I looked at current Barbie, Bratz, Ever After High and Monster High Dolls to compare them and I noticed, that I want animals ears – so Monster High it is. I narrowed it down to 4 dolls, but I am still not sure which on of these.

Dolls left to right:

Monster High Isi Dawndancer
Monster High Mouscedes King
Monster High Catty Noir
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf

Since it will be a project for 2017, I will think about it a little bit more. Maybe one of you guys has experience with Fashion Dolls Custom and can give me some advice.

But till then I will play with my BJDs and Azones…. 😀

cheers ❤

disclaimer: main blog picture shows dolls from MH – I don’t own it – please visit original site

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