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Story Time #2: My Other Story – What Dolls would fit?

The story of my blog and the dolls I show, is my main doll story. Of course there are the Azone sisters…but they are more for my fun, than an actual “story”. But these are not the only stories and characters in my head 🙂

There is also this idea recently:

a story about young people meeting on the world wide web…to be more specific in an MMORPG. Why? Because I love MMORPGs! I played guild wars 1 and now 2 regularly. I always played on a international server and I really enjoy to meet so many different players from different countries.
I already have this basic idea, how I would start, who these people are, which kind of game it would be and so on. And I think maybe I will write it down as a combi of a chat conversation and game stats. They also can be as international as I want them to be, but because of the different time zones on earth, they would have to be as near as possible, like all in Europe. And there are more things, I think about…

Of course I would love to translate these characters into dolls and I already know which dolls they would be. Some dolls inspired me for characters, sometimes it is the other way around and I find a doll that matches a character. The funny thing is, I have 4 boys and 4 girls… I don’t know how it is in other MMORPGs, but in guild wars it is quite common to find female and especially good female players.

So here they are:

So maybe I will buy one or two of them…or maybe not. But I will definitely write about them… Also some inspiration never hurt 🙂

cheers ❤

image source: Dolls are company pictures, please visit also original homepages: Iplehouse, Souldoll, Ringdoll – main blog picture belongs to guild wars 2

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