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Boxopening #5: Agash – Doll Zone Limited The Star

On Friday my Doll Zone Limited The Star came… FINALLY!! I ordered her in Mai this year and the wait was long, bu worth every second! I ordered the full set and I was really excited!

Then the first pictures came in the web, with broken ears, spine, damaged blushing and rushed face ups…and then I was just worried. I really hope for everyone with a damaged order, everything will end good, because you pay so much, wait so long and are so excited for the doll and then… That is just harsh!

My Star was in the last shippments of Doll Zone and was better protected. When she got here everything was fine…thank goodness! And thanks to Carol! (Angeleseque).

Her Face up is gorgeous! And well done. I am very happy with it. The blushing of the body is ok. For my taste too one dimensional and very….pink! I dind’t expect it to be this pink xD But I am fine with it. I can work with this and will add some depth in spring, when I wall work on my load of face ups and body blushing!

So her name is Agash: I really love the little face with her teath! If you want to know who she is, you can find her here… but now the pictures 🙂

she came in this beautiful wooden box!

The silver wig is normally also in the full set – but Carol forgot to send it -hahaha- I will get it next week. So I got another pink wig out of the closet, I already owned:

She also has some freckles on her bust

cheers ❤

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