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Random #2: Chistmas Market – Doll Miniatures Haul

Last Saturday 26/11 was the birthday of my BF ❤ and we drove by Train to Nuremberg, to visit the famous Christkindles Markt (Christmas Market) there. So many people!! But it was really fun. We ate in a Knight Restaurant and went up to the castle.
It was really cold and cloudy, but still very nice.

On the Market I found some cute doll miniatures and I thought they could fit my Azones:

And I was right!! Here is what I got:

A Vase, a candy jar, some hangers, a golden Cage (because it is pretty) and two bottles

A Brezel, bread, strawberry yogourt, tuna, oil, milk and Maggie.

A beautiful Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte (Cake), a plate and a big and three small plastic bowls.

But the coolest Thing was this scissor, that actually can open and close ❤

I really enjoyed the day out with my BF in Nuremberg…and I was fast asleep, when we got home xD – cheers ❤

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