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OC Design #7: Mori Kei/ Mori Lolita Outfit

Last weekend I finally finished my Mori Kei/ Mori Lolita Project for Griselda, my Iplehouse KID Lonnie. I took part in a group sewing project on the German forum and the theme was Mori Kei. I really wanted to make a simple white dress, but then this project took me away to I-will-make-it-big universe…oh boy.

Also, since I am very stressed right now though my work, I sewed everything by hand. It really calms me to stitch everything by hand, after a one hard day at work, but also it takes more time. Here is the basic design I made and the fabrics I chose.

Different whites, browns and petrol where the colors I wanted for this outfit. Also different lace, trims and little stuff… The final things I made – which became more and more…- were:

  • fake fur hat
  • fake fur muff
  • chrotchet scarf
  • cape with fake fur collar and lace details
  • necklace with a bell
  • crotchet pullover
  • layered dress with different lace
  • lace under skirt
  • socks
  • undie

I  like that I can dress her in all and also in just a few thing of the set. I is like the project for Marie very variable. Here are all the clothes on Griselda in different layers – thanks for your time and cheers ❤

2 thoughts on “OC Design #7: Mori Kei/ Mori Lolita Outfit”

  1. How lovely! Girselda must love her new outfit. 🙂
    You did a great job designing & sewing this project. I especially like how versatile it is – perfect for every season!

    Liked by 1 person

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