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End Of Year 2016 #1: Doll Waiting and Wish List

So I thought I would do a little 2017 what to expect post… The first part is my waiting and wish list for 2017. I ordered many dolls this year, but next year I don’t think I will be able to do so, because we will move in a bigger flat. But I really want to save for the two bodies, and maybe one of my Undead Dolls will be in the budget!! We will see…
I am also wating for my third of my Azone girl, but I am sure that she will be here in the beginning of 2017, because the realease is in December.

And I really think about buying a big Doll because of my other story… but that is still a idea, not a real plan…But here we go:

*Waiting List*


* Doll Chateau head Debbie in yellow skin – blank
* Doll Chateau head Colin in tan skin – blank
* Doll Chateau K1 Body in tan skin – blank
* Doll Chateau Little Red Riding Hood in white skin – blank
* Doll Chateau Hugin in grey skin -blank


* Azone Pure Neemo Character Series No.97 Flying Witch – Makoto Kowata

Fashion Doll:

* Monster High Mouscedes King (in a few days she will be here, so not reaaallly 2017 🙂 )

*Wish List*


* Withdoll 45cm JWD Body in white – blank (edit: change of plans 🙂  28.12.2016)
* Doll Chateau 6 body in white skin – blank
* Doll Zone MSD Benjamin  in normal, grey or green skin – blank
* Souldoll Sweeter Lily in normal skin -blank
* One of my SD Wishes

Part 2 will be my concrete doll plans for my current and already ordered ones… so see you soon ❤

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