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End Of Year 2016 #2: Doll To Do’s

Here you can read Part 1: Doll Waiting and Wishlist for 2017

So I also thought also about, what I want to create, change or redo in 2017 for each of my dolls. And the list is looooong. – holy moly… I don’t even know how to beginn 😀
Hopefully I can manage everything! If you want to know who is who: here are my OCs
But from little to big, here is the long, long, long  To Do list:



* create concept
* face up and body blushing
* some Accessoires?

-Belzebub (incoming doll)

* face up and body blushing
* fantasy Hands blushing
* new eyes?
* try his head on human body – IH KID?
-> it would be so cool if his head could fit on Griseldas grey body… he could lend it then sometimes with the fantasy hands and maybe an 18th century outfit … we will see 🙂


* make a wig with brown mohair wefts
* face up + body blushing + glue some fake flowers on
* new eyes?
* dress and headpieces from leafes and flowers

-Faunus (incoming doll)

* face up + body blushing
* glue on some fake moss and wheet
* felt his Owl friend, who sits on his branch

– Gaia

* finish headpiece with black beads
* sew a layered dress with gold and feathers
* neckpiece with gold and  feathers


* new face up +hand blushing (normal hands) + manicure
* new eyes – lighter purple


* new face up + hand blushing + manicure


*change head + face up (incoming doll head)
* blushing hands + manicure
* new wig – on the way from LUTS
* some basic clothes


* face up + tattoos + hand blushing
* craft some horns in red and orange

-Zarik: (incoming doll)

* face up + tattoos + hand blushing
* craft some horns in blue and green
* sew a complete outfit
* staff and belt with herbs

– Aeshma:

* face up
* Kabuki wig in red
* new eyes

if I can buy the body in 2017:

* body blushing
* create tattoos
* sew outfit
* craft magic knife

– Astovidatu:

* blush the skull mask and the skull Hands

if I can buy a head and body in 2017:
* face up + body blushing
* create tattoos
* sew outfit

* craft magic rope
* I am thinking of giving him two extra arms…maybe… 🙂

– Agash:

* correct face up + blush
* style the pink wig properly
* flowy dress
* jewelry headpiece


* Buy or sew clothes for the new sister (incoming doll)
* A cute photoshoot with all of the three sisters!
* maybe buy or craft some props and furniture

Fashion Doll

* Customize Mouscedes
* sew clothes and make a hat
* shoes??

So that is the plan. I will see what I can do, craft, sew and buy…  at one side this list is really overwhelming and on the other side, I am really excited about all the thing I will hopefully do and create… I will keep you updated, cheers 🙂

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