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BJD addicts written prompt #5: Dolls in puplic

BJD addicts: written prompt #5: Dolls in puplic

Have you ever been in puplic with your dolls?
What are your fears? What are your experiences?

Yes I have been outside with my dolls: Twice with the girls of my local area, one time for a shoot with my bf. And it is still very scary to me.


11The first time befora a meet up, I was soooo nervous!!! Not only to meet new people, but to be outside with a doll. I was really anxious, like do I have everthing with me, can I touch other dolls, how will the other people of the world react, do I have to defend my doll against other humans…or animals :O
I was mental at this stage xD so hilarious thinking back.
Of course the girls were sweet and it was so fun. We had a beautiful sunny day and the puplic park we went, was pretty. And yes there were other people. The majority of them looked, talked about us and the dolls, but not negative, more curious. Most of them didn’t ask who we are and what we do, just looked amazed and friendly. Two elderly women came then up to me and were thrilled about my girl (who was sitting in a tree at that time) and wanted to know so much. The other girls also had sometimes curious visiters, asking questions after questions. These are the experiences I recall the most, when I look back at both meet ups, experiences that were positive, curious and friendly.
Of course there was one woman, who said: “Der Park ist nicht für Kitschpuppen” (translated: The park is not for corny dolls) – but yeah – we ignored her, but that made me really angry for a second. But for negative feedback…that’s it.
– here are my two blogs about my meet ups I already visited in 2016:  April July

Outside in my hometown

15My boyfriend and I were out in the woods, here where we live, to take some halloween pictures (here is the blog). He is very supportive and likes my dolls, even the fact that he normally doesn’t like dolls. So we packed, went outside and all this time I was really anxious to meet someone else… especially someone I know. I don’t know… I don’t really talk about this hobby, except with you guys online or on meets, or with my boyfriend. This whole thing is for me and my creativity – kind of my little artsy paradise- so I don’t really want to explain or justify myself, or my taste, to neighbors or colleagues, while I enjoy the dolli world… But if I would meet someone… I don’t think I would surprise anyone collecting dolls anyway xD16


So I will go out again with my dolls…and maybe with time, I will be able to do it alone and with less anxious thoughts. But yeah, I will tell you 🙂
So thank for your time and cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “BJD addicts written prompt #5: Dolls in puplic”

  1. Oh I did not know you were from germany too haha ^^ but yes I know this feeling soooo well! I was nervous too when I went outside with my dolls (back then I had pullips) too. xD But you will totally get used to it, even more when you have someone with you, it makes you a bit moe secure. Mostly they just stare, and sadly some mean comments can come also, as you experienced… ;( I am ALWAYS super nervours when there are little children or animals like dogs around, and they can run towards your dolls without hesitation ! 😮 Nothing happend but I am always aware when I see some.

    Wonderful picture and blog entry ❤

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    1. Hallo und Frohe Weihnachten nachträglich! -but yes, since we are all international here, it is hard to tell where everyone is from 😉
      Hopefully I get more used to it… I really want to make mor pictures outside without a near heartattack!! So stressfull, but fun! 🙂
      But thank you dear ❤


  2. I bring my Smartdoll almost everywhere since I got her here, in Canada. At first, like you, I was nervous about roaming around the town with a big doll in my arms; but then I realized people didn’t care much or if they did, they praised her. Several times people looked at her and asked me where I got her and said she’s beautiful 😀

    So, now I’m kinda confident to bring her out even more frequently 😛

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