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Boxopening #6: Ray – Azone Pure Neemo

Last week came my third and for now last, Azone home! She is a Azone Pure Nemo Character Series – No.97 Flying Witch – Makoto Kowata (2016).

She has a L body and has really long legs, a more mature body and such a cute face! HEre you can see my three Azone sisters and her Profiles. I am also planning a comparison blog, about the three, since they have different body sizes (L, M, XS)

But here is the Boxopening – sadly it is very dark. It is winter and I could wait until the sun was up to unbox her πŸ˜€

I changed her clothes from the default outfit, in some M size clothes. Thank goodness they do fit her. It is a little bit tight around the bust, but it works!

So here do they live now – they moved out of the glass cabinet on to the shelf, with the new lego porsche of my Boyfriend. I like them there a lot!

They are so lovely together! ❀

So thank you for your time! Cheers πŸ™‚

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