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Story Time #3: +Role Online+ Project

Maybe you read my blog, about this project or you didn’t – you could find it here – but this is a update to my second main story I am currently working on.


I really liked the idea I had about this bunch of People Meeting in a MMORPG. So I thought, even if there will be never dolls involved, I still want to write about them. The difficulty in *Otherworld* is the large world and different races, like spirits, ghosts, demons, which are most from real legends. I have to research a lot, since I want to make sense, so the motivation is sometimes….most of time… very low to write in that universe. I love to take Pictures, clothesย and props. But the story – I am still at the very beginning.

So why not using this project to get my inspiration back, start writing again and get the groove xD That is exactly what I did – on you could read, what I will write about them and here on my blog you can find a main story and profile site – the only difference will be: I am writing in german. Not only that, for now there will be just short impressions of them – a 10 Minute for each chapter.

I want to post an extra blog about my writing Project, I want to do this year. But I am really excited about +Role Online+. Nothing too big, but good for my Motivation, sentence flow and getting some feedback to my writing. For now there are 3 chapters online, I will add a forth tomorrow and maybe a fifth on sunday.

So if you can read german, I would be happy if you read my stuff. If not – I will try to translate them, when there is more and post it somewhere here…

This is not reaaaallllyyy a doll blog, but that is okay sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

cheers โค


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