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ADAW 2017 #1: week 1-4

I am participating in a flickr project this year, which is called “A Doll A Week”. Basically it is a photography project, where you take a good picture of any kind of doll, each week of the year. So 2017 has 52 weeks, that means I will take 52 photographs.

The main reason I wanted to do this project is, I do take photos of my dolls, but mostly they are rushed mobile phone pictures, with no time or big effort. So with this I want to evolve to make better photos with a good camera. Get better in posing, photo concept and editing.

We are in week 3 now, so there are already some pictures I can show you. I will regularly write a blog about the photos I take, maybe every 5-6 weeks. I also plan to make a photo book for myself, when the year is finished. you can find all existing and more photos on my flickr. And you can also visit the group on flickr, for more amazing photos!

Week 1 – The Queen

ADAW 01/52 - The Queen

“All hail Queen Gaia
Mother of the trees
Mother of the fields
Mother of the flowers
Mother of nature and Guardian of life “

We went for a walk in the frosty forest and it was a really cold but fun day. Gaia fits so well in nature!

Week 2 – Mr. Snowman And The Little Dead Girl

ADAW 02/52 - Mr. Snowman And The Little Dead Girl

“Hello,” said the little girl.
But the snowman didn’t answer.
“Hello?” she asked again and peeked under the snowmans hat.
“Oh I see,” she continued after a while and a big smile spread on her face.
“You are dead!…just like me.”
And she gave him a big hug.

I build the snowman on our table on the balcony. He stayed there for  couple of days until he got buried under new snow…he was fun!

Week 3 – Splatter Princess

ADAW 03/52 - Splatter Princess

…That looks scary…
Ray: Oh what? It looks cool!
…but you look like you just murder someone…
Ray: relaaax.. all photoshop – maybe 😛

It was really fun to do some photoshop on this picture. Machete is a real glas picture, drawn by a good friend of my boyfriend. Ray loves it very much and I think they look great together 😀

Week 4 – Sleeping Beauty

ADAW 04/52 - Sleeping Beauty

“But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true”
(Sleeping Beauty, Disney)

Agash kills her victims with her evil eyes, but since she is half herself, litterally, and cursed with closed eyes, I feel safe to play with her… haha…still – sometimes I think she would tear me apart, if she could O__O

3 thoughts on “ADAW 2017 #1: week 1-4”

  1. “A Doll a Week” sounds like a great project! And it looks like you’re off to a good start. My favorite photo from this batch is “The Queen.” Gaia looks so comfortable surrounded by nature, and I love the colors & contrast in the photo. It’s so serene.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your round-up posts!


      1. Aww, thank you for telling me that! You really made my day. I’m so happy that my work inspired you. 😀

        Since we’re being honest. . . 😉 You inspire me too. The care and love you put into creating and photographing your dolls makes me want to reach further as an artist & photographer. So thank you for inspiring me! ❤


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