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Comparison #1: Azone (xs, m, l)

I thought about doing a comparison for a long time. I ordered my third Azone in October last year and I was really curious, how different these 3 girls and their different sizes will be. If you want to know the kind of Azone my girls are, you can check them out here, but for this blog I refer to them as XS, M and L, so it will be easier to know the different sizes.

So lets start!!

Here are the girls and like they looked before I stripped them down – oh and also my measurements are the metric system, I am German… I never learned anything else xD

left to right: L body with L bust – M body with S bust- XS body

There is also a S size Azone body, but since I am not planning to get another girl for now, I can not compare this body type.

Here you can see them side to side – I tried to even them on a line, so you can see the height differences.

Body sizes: L: 26,5 cm – M: 25,0 cm – XS: 21,0 cm

Some basic measurements:


left – L: bust: 10,0 cm  – waist: 7,0 cm –  hip: 10,8 cm

She has a very mature body, bigger boobies and hip, small waist compared to the rest, long legs.





right – M: bust: 8,6 cm  – waist: 7,0 cm –  hip: 10,8 cm

The blossom starts blooming here 😉  She is not as mature than the L body, but definitely a teenager with some body change. Her legs are shorter, but the torso is the same size.




left – XS: bust: 7,5 cm  – waist: 7,0 cm –  hip: 9,5 cm

She has a child like body, as you can see on the straight torso, no womanly curves and she is still very petite.


That is very interesting for me, because I noticed that the tops could fit each of them, if they clothes are wide enough. Some sweatshirts for example fits all of them, but if the top is fitted itself, the boobs get in the way…sort of.

What was also interessting were the feet and hands.

The feet are all the same size. I tried different shoes, company and etsy, and they all fit. When you popp of the feet, you can see the only difference are the holes of the foot mechanism. So a XS foot won’t fit on a M or L body, since the hole is to small. But the rest – like my gran always says: SimSim (same).

(Sizes: L – M – XS)

The hands are nearly the same. The XS body has small hands and small knobs, which fit in her arms. The M and L are exactly the same… I sorted all the hands, how I think they came. But the M  and L hands are the same size, also the knobs. So you can change them like you wish, what I think is cool, because mostly they are the same hands, but one or two pairs are different in the sets.

…and yes…on XS is missing…when and where? – good question O___O

Size middle: XS – sizes left/Right: M/L

Knob difference (XS – M/L)

So yeah… that was my little comparison. I really love the diversity of these dolls and that they are so easy to play with. I cut out too many measurements, I thought it would get to mathematically – haha.

Now they are back in clothes and on their shelf. Ray (L) is wearing a M dress, a little bit tight on the bust, but the rest fits perfectly. Hanami (M) is her cute self and please don’t mind Mikus (XS) clothes decision…she is the weird one in the family.

This is a  looong blog – son thank you, if you read until the end! cheers ❤

edit 09.02.17: Holy Moly there were many spelling mistakes…. but I think I found most of them…sorry for that 🙂

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