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Hobby Talk #6: Hello?…It’s me…

Hello from the otherside…*sing* – Stop! Wait! Stay! No more singing I swear.

So maybe someone was wondering, where I am… I am really sorry that I went from:

Ooh my God, too much blogs I want to make – so I will post every day!!
I have to make a schedule, when I want to post something –  for the next 6 weeks!!
to finally
I don’t have time for ANYthing – help!! I am failing!
To make it short: real life happened! But for here that is not important…
More impotant is, that I got some insights about my hobby and blog life – again…haha

(1)I figured, that I can’t keep up the pace of the last weeks, when I want to blog and post my doll stuff. That is too much pressure on myself!
(2)But except me, nobody expect me to do so anyways. If I write something or not, is alone my decision and my own pressure. That was the second insight that hit me in the past few days.

I am working, since last weekend, finally again on my doll projects and I will share it here! But I am done with schedules. When I have something  to share, I will do that. If not, I won’t. I really have to stop falling into old behavior patterns, where I want to do everything and get in total stress…
But that is a learning process for me since always! I won’t complain here about my life – which is full of stress right now, but everything is fine – but I had a really bad feeling, while I didn’t do anything here, that I fail in any way. That is stupid!
But yeah – I am learning to stop getting stressed and started to enjoy my hobby again. But it is hard sometimes, when everthing is happening at once!

But to the BJD hobby – what I am up to right now:
  • I am still doing my ADAW (A Doll A Week) photo project and I currently think about my photo for this week… I am still not sure, which doll I want to use
  • I am working on Flora (my DZ Big Brother flower girl), I want to make her a wig and I already made the wefts
  • And I am working on my Queen Gaia, I finished her flower crown and started on a dress
  • I started to make some profile pictures, so I can swich the company pictures with the real dolls I already have – but one after another and with time!
  • I want to continue writing for my +Role Online+ characters on
  • And finally there is a Munich BJD meet up soon, which I will attend (I am really happy about that – to see the girls!!)

and I think that is enough for now… I will blog about my projects in the next few days, when I am ready. I am also planning some other blogs, like a comparison of my MSD bodies etc., but when I have the time and the energy.

But for now thank you for your time! It really helps me, writing this thoughts to someone, to get my head straight again and focus on my projects in a fun way!

cheers and see you soon!! ❤



2 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #6: Hello?…It’s me…”

  1. Hi Nana, just wanted to say that in the last few weeks since you’ve posted this, you’ve inspired me to think about my approach to scheduling posts as well. Of course, it’s easy to see the reasoning for having a blog schedule (especially if you are trying to grow an audience, as I am), but neither do I want to be a slave to the schedule. So I am very glad you posted your thoughts, it’s given me a chance to think about it as well; and though I haven’t come up with an answer yet, I think it’s something every blogger should consider from time to time!

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  2. I am really glad, that I could give you some thoughts to think about and help you in a way, to get to decision. I am also thinking about to make a schedule again, maybe in a lighter way. The last weeks I nearly did nothing, no writing, no creating… I was able to do some pictures, but with a schedule I was kind of motivated to do something each week. Maybe I will go back to one post a week – or not. We will see. I wish you luck to find a solution for yourself that will work 🙂 ❤


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