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OC Design #8: Wig making….again :) – Part 1

So I decided to try some wig making…again. This time I wanted to use real hair, not wool. Since my last try was okay, but not practicable at all. Since then my last try is already in the bin – yes I did that – and my Griselda is wearing now a company wig in white.

BUT – I still need hair for some of my dolls and I still want to learn how I can make some myself. Here are my two victims this time:

Iplehouse JID Soa – alias Marie + Dollzone Big Brother – Flora

Wig caps

I made the caps like the last time. I used some stretchy fabric, rubber bands and white glue. I made two layers of glue, so that the fabric is stiff, but still fits the head.

Floras wig



I already made a scetch of the wig I want a while ago. I also had a old mohiar wig around, which fitted nobody. I decided to cut the hair from the scalp and made some wefts with them.

She will get the hair around the lower part of the cap. The top part will be fabric flowers and leafes, since she is the spirit of flora. I thought that fitted, also I didn’t got enough wefts from the wig.

What I still need to do with this wig:
  • I have to buy fabric flowers and leaves to glue on the bald spot on Floras head
  • Cut and style the wig
  • make the two braids
  • maybe some flowery accessories…

Maries wig

I will craft the wig in the same style… I ordered some alpaca fibers in black, but they are still on their way… So this I will do next time


I will keep you updated!! Thanks and cheers guys 🙂

5 thoughts on “OC Design #8: Wig making….again :) – Part 1”

    1. Yes it is!! I really thought it would be easier… but with each time I am more sure what exactly I am doing…or should do. I think I just need more practise. Thank you Musume ❤


  1. Oh, I’m just catching up with some of your recent posts now~ Going to go see how it turned out! Though, so far it looks like a good job! I think it will be very cute with the flower crown. 🙂

    Also, I like your little sketch~ I hope you will post more of your drawings in the future too~ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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