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Story Time #4: Doll Profile Updates

Since  I made my Doll Profiles for my *Otherworld* story, last year and I used mostly company pictures or photo shopped versions of my characters. (And I am still not finished with them…eee yes ^3^) For the dolls I don’t own myself, but I am sure that these fit my character, will be no change. I thought about drawing them, how I am imaging them to look like. But …


But what I started to do and what I will continue, is to change the doll pictures of my current crew, to proper doll profile pictures. What really helped here, was the camera of my Bf I can use freely. (thank you so much <3) A beautiful single-lens reflex camera.
I started with my three Azone Girls, since they will stay in this constellation for now. I do not plan to buy more Azone Girls. But here they are:

08-01-17d08-01-17b08-01-17cI also started wit the profiles for BJDs, like I said the profiles are nearly finished, so it would fit that they get proper Pictures. But one Thing is really difficult for me in that case. I need to change some of my dolls first, sew clothes, do their face ups and so on. But I started anyways. So Marie got a own picture, but she will change soon, so I will have to do another one again.

Marie - Profile

I am still not sure how long I will take to finish that task, but I will try my best! This sunday I want to take my week 6 and 7 ADAW Pictures. And maybe later this month i can think about this project… Yes, one after another…no more stress!

So see you around! Thank you for your time and cheeers ❤

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