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OC Design #9: Flora is coming alive – Part 2

So hello again πŸ™‚

I continued the wig for Flora and also made her a dress and the headpiece. (hier Part 1)

I used two different kind of little fabric flowers. a felted…thing…in green and mostly glue! I cut the green thing in a little dress shape and glued the flowers on it. I also added a push button, to close it. Last time I started her wig, but I had to leave a bald spot on the top. First I tried to glue the flowers directly on the wig cap, but they didn’t stayed. Then I glued them on a piece of the green thing and then glued that on the wig cap. Viola – perfect! πŸ™‚
But see for yourself:

Here I only laid down the pattern I wanted – after I glued everything:


And here she is!! And I think she is already adorable ❀

Now whe only need a face up and a proper body blushing.. I am really happy that slowly everyone comes alive.

Next part will be Maries wig. I already got the alpace fibers, but for now I won’t have time. But soon soon…


Until then – byebye and thank you! Cheers ❀

4 thoughts on “OC Design #9: Flora is coming alive – Part 2”

  1. Hello, I’m a new follower of your blog :-). Great job on the wig and dress, I look forward to Flora’s face-up and blushing too! Ell

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  2. Oh, the flowers turned out very well! Flora is coming alive, even without a faceup she looks as if she could speak~ Though of course I am looking forward to seeing her faceup as well! And I love her little dress, it fits her perfectly ❀

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