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ADAW 2017 #2: week 5-11

Sooo long time no see 🙂 but hello again.

I am currently busy with work and have only few time for any hobbies. But I am more calm and relaxed about that, since some week ago, when I had a little freak out… but hey!

So I continued my A Doll A Week Project and can present you week 5-11 – here you can find week 1-4 and all the backround information -click here-

Please enjoy the pictures now and till next time – cheers ❤

week 5 – Let it snow

ADAW 05/52 - Let it snow!

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Marie loves the snowy and cold days. Since she got her new warm and cozy coat, she always wants to go out and play… I am not such a cold weather fan… I really just want to snuggle up on my couch and wait until it is warm again. But I must say, winter can be beautiful.

week 6 – Little Devil

ADAW 06/52 - Little Devil

Ahriman was the first Daeva who was not only godlike, but also gain the powers of a demon. He was unstoppable and assempled all these evil creatures around him. He was almost at the top, not only as the king of the Daevas, but as the king of all beings…and then the power overwhelmed him. It almost eat him alive and all whatt was left, was his demonly powers. After a long time he eventually managed to recreate a body, but it was just the body of a little demon. All the power and all the influence of his fomrer Daeva life – gone.
week 7 – Spiritly Visitor

ADAW 07/52 - Spiritly Visitor

Flora is the spirit of all flowers and the seed to beauty and good smell. She loves to stroll through the flower fields, talk to the bees and mind her own business. The only other beeing, that can catch her for more than a second, is her queen – Gaia…. Or when she is drunk of all the nektar she consumes. Then she lays under the next leaf and really loves to sing old shanties.
week 8 – Poisonous Seduction

ADAW 08/52  - Poisonous Seduction

Taru is the Daeva of hunger and loves to starv humans to death or poision the meals of his victims. He doesn’t prepare the poison he use himself, he gets it from his sister. They have a mental symbiosis, so they are very dpendent from eachother. He uses the poision mostly for plants, so they do harm to the humans. Since they flew, he rarely uses anything, to attract the false attetion. They are never long at one place, but since they are showed mercy to one of the nature spirits, they can hide in the mystic areas of the woods and fields.
week 9 – Daydream

ADAW 09/52 - Daydream

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Miku loves to daydream about ghosts, spirits and a legends. She even forget to eat her snack…silly girl.

week 10 – Happy Day

ADAW 10/52 - Happy Day

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
― Anne Frank

Ray is a very happy girl, she always sees the bright sight. A good laugh will always help, that is her believe

week 11 – Hello up there

ADAW 11/52 - Hello up there

Good neighbors always spy on you to make sure you are doing well.”
― Pawan Mishra

The girls have strange neighbors, never seen  and always hiding behind the curtains. Hanami never loses her hopes, to finally say hello to them – maybe one day.

2 thoughts on “ADAW 2017 #2: week 5-11”

  1. Yay, the next batch of ADAW photos! I was excited to see this today~ XD

    Wow, your photos always have such an atmosphere. Each one has a story to tell – and I love the little descriptions you wrote. ♥️️ They work well with the photos to bring the story to life, and I enjoy reading the lore behind the Daevas too.

    I think I’ve said this before, but Flora is adorable! I really love her design. ♥️️ What sort of shanties does she sing when she’s drunk on nectar. . . ?

    Also, the three sisters are so cute and expressive. Silly Miku, you should at least eat your snack. . . ! I like Ray’s philosophy, it sounds like she’ll always be able to find the silver lining. And I hope Hanami is able to meet the mysterious neighbors one day. . . !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am really smiling right now. This is like the 4 comment I am answering you… you are so sweet 🙂

    I am really happy you like them, the pictures and my doll crew. Especially since you are a writer yourself, I appreciate that you like the stories as well! 😀

    I am still learning each time, how I can take ggod picture – how light works, posing dolls, trying not to get frustrated – because the doll nearly falls, kicks, bends – and editing. What I already learned is that a good camera and equipment are the key, not expensive, but good. And practise.. so much practise.

    send you a big hug! 🙂


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