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BJD addicts written prompt #6: Handmade vs. Buying

BJD addicts: written prompt #6: Handmade vs. Buying

-Do I buy or craft? Where are my limits of creating?
What do I do in the Hobby and simply what not?!-

When I started this hobby I bought everything beforehand. Eyes, wig, clothes and accessoires. So the time my first doll arrived, I had everthing I needed. Then I dressed her and I began to think. All the parts that are needed to make a doll looks finished – because let’s be honest, they are never finished! – I can do that!… but really?

Let’s think about it again:
CLOTHES (dress, skirt, shirt, sweater, socks, underwear etc.):

I started with clothes, since that is something that was not unfamiliar for me. I do sew for myself or humans in general. I was never really good in pattern making, so in the beginning it was quite a challenge to make a pattern this small. But thanks to the community, great people and even more great tips, I got some strategies that really helped. Clothes will be always a big part of the hobby for me, since I love to create them for my dolls. But I am not against buying at all – it depends on the clothes.


Hell no!! I tried to make some… small ballerinas for my YOSD, leather boots for MSD and other fails, we should not talk about. They are fine for now (some at least)… but when I will find a better version to buy, I will buy!! Shoe making is hard – and I have no talent for that at all!!! And to be honest, I had no fun in making it. None.


Here for me it is both… I recently have started to make wigs myself and that is hard as well. but I really enjoy the work! Sometimes it is really annoying… all that hair… and glue… but my motivation rises everytime I get stuck. So my plan is to change all my company wigs into selfmade ones, if it fits the character. But I love most of my company wigs, they look great. So more like 50/50.


It depends on the things that I need. I would make bags or backpacks. But I won’t make food or glasses. I simply don’t think I would do as good, as some great artists out there. This stuff I really love to buy on etsy, because I get cute and well made sthings and on the other side I support an artist of my choice.


Same thoughts as for the accessoires. I looked up how eyes can be made and no, not interessted. I really enjoy to watch the process, on YouTube for example, but that is not an area I would try – I will buy my eyes – period.


In the BJD hobby, face ups and body blushing on your doll, is also a decision between paying an artist, getting a company FU/BB and diy. I personally love this aspect in the hobby and mostly do it myself. I am not nearly as talented, as many other face up artist, but I don’t really practise – so that is also on me.
But I am very proud of each doll I can put on a little bit of myself. Nevertheless I do have dolls with company face ups and body blushing. I am very happy I did that. I really liked the concept of these dolls, so I bought the whole package. I would also pay an artist, if I am sure, that I could not get my project as I wanted. But for now I am fine trying myself 🙂

That is all I can think of and I hope I didn’t miss a part of the hobby, that would be important. But I think I covered the most parts 🙂
I would really love to hear your opinion on diy vs. buying…
Until then, thank you for now and a good day! Cheers ❤

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