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Blogger Recognition Award

Award Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Make a post about the award
  3. Give a brief recap of how your blog began
  4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you wish to give the award to
  6. Comment on each blog, letting them know of their nomination and providing a link to the post.

It is already over a week, when the lovely River nominated me for the “Blogger Recognition Award”, but I sadly was too busy to make this post any sooner.

So thank you again dear – like I said many times, you are a big inspiriation and support for me. One of the first persons who ever commented on my blog, who gave me feedback and showed me, there are really people out there, reading the things I write and think.
River is the author of Strike a Spark and A Midnight Sonata – please visit them! ❤
On Strike a Spark she shows her talents in writing and drawing. She has many ideas in character design, colouring and picture moods. I love them and enjoy browsing through her posts. And on A Midnight Sonata, she shares her beautiful BJDs – of course that is the way, I found her in the first place, when I searched for BJD Blogs on wordpress. I was really happy to find her.

I started my blog Dreamcatcher BJD in March 2016, but I soon lost my motivation to continue. Then in September 2016 I really started the whole blog experience and posted regularly about my dolls, my stories and my crafts. I chose to share my doll profiles, my crafting projects and some of my strories, but also decided to leave some things out I originally wanted to share (patterns, tutorials and so on). The blog is still under construction and will grow with every month I am here. And I will stay – I really enjoy this ride a lot and I learn many things about myself.

(Edit 25.05.17: my other blog “I’m Sew Blessed” is deleted 🙂 )

There were already many things I had to learn for myself about bloging and writing. But the most important advices for me, are these two:

  1. Don’t stress yourself – to blog regularly is important to stay motivated and inspired, but only to an extent where you feel comfortable. To get stressed about clicks, follower and schedules, only influences you blog negatively. If you feel good the way you blog, with a certain day or irregularly, everything else will work.
  2. Be yourself – Every small thing can be important and interesting, you do not always have to blog about a huge events. Small thoughts, ideas and feedback are interesting, if you are yourself. Write with your heart and I personally write like I speak – I do not really think about my posts, I just write. Oh: And I try to find as many grammar mistakes as possible, but sometimes I don’t see everything (German is my first language). But this are my thoughts and mostly they are written like I thought them in my head.
There are of course more blogs I really enjoy and I find my Inspiration from:

(River would be here too, but she was already mentioned)

BJD/Doll related:

“The Wrong Side” – by Roterwolkenvogel
Beautiful world, stories and characters! I love to read the profiles and to figure out more and more about Birds world. She is also a very sweet and funny person. I am lucky to call her an friend and the munich meets are always fun with her!!

“Zirkusdolls” – by Seji
A fellow german BJD Owner and a very big inspiration. She has beautiful characters and a very interessting story about them. She puts so much work and effort in her dolls, that is really motivating and inspiring for me.

“Nezumi’s Room” – by Nezumi
So creative!! The things she can do with beads and fabric is amazing. I really love her outfits and the work she puts in them. Tiny pattern, handsewn every bead – just amazing!

“Bunny Forever – by Bunny
Beautiful pictures, face ups and dolls. Very creative project and I love to read her blog. ALso she plays Guild Wars 2 – that is a big “wohooo” from me, since I am a GW player for more than 10 years.

“Sadomina’s Dolls” – by Sadomina
Beautiful and Creepy – Creepyful! Seriously you have to see that. These dolls are unique and will fascinate you. Jack in a Box or Mozart on a bird… Amazing!

Cook, Sew and Craft Blogs:

“wasted weekends” – wastedweekends
She calls it “misadventures in crafting”, but what she does is really amazing and fun to read! Dresses skirts, coats, she does everthing and the result is amazing. She even documented her wedding dress diy and she looked so pretty!

“kmacdiy” – by Kmac
She does Everything: diy and upcycling. It is amazing and fun to see, what she did this time. I really enjoy this blog a lot.

“Nephtyis Cat Coture” – by Eva (german)
Eva is a very fun and honest writer. She also makes beautiful things and I read her blog regularly. She oftens use geeky and nerdy fabric, what I really love – so fun to read!

“Mama Kreativ” – by Lisa (german)
This is one of the cutest blogs! If you want to know how to motivate your children and do so many fun things with them, this is the right spot. Innovative and natural ideas for games, crafts and all the good stuff!!

“Mein gehäkeltes Herz” – by Jasmin (german)
If you love to chrochet and knit, you will love Jasmins blog. She has cute designs, tips and tricks all about to knit and chrochet. I really loved the Easter Bunny Donut Amigurumi, it is so cute!

Hopefully I won’t forget to write to my nominees, but you should definitly check all of them out, they are wounderful and creative people!

So for now thank you for your time and cheers! ❤





4 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. You’re very welcome dear! As I’ve said before, you are also a great inspiration to me, and I’m happy I can share this award with you. ❤

    Great advice – I agree, it’s very important to blog in the way that makes you happy, rather than worry too much about this ‘n’ that, especially whether something is big enough or important enough to blog about. I will try to take your words to heart, and post without worrying too much in the future! XD

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