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Boxopening #10: Doll Chateau – Debbie, Hugin, Colin and Red Riding Hood

I got a amazing mail last friday!! And I am still overwhelmed about all the things I got inside. I ordered through Carol (Angelesque) last October many thing from Doll Chateau and they finally arrived!!

So what did I get?

As you can already see on the amount of coa, I bought not only one doll.

1.) Hugin – he is absolutely hilarious – what a great guy!! I love that he can hang on a small edge – like on your screen – and just be there looking adorable. Hugin is my Demon Belzebub and he will be able to switch between this demon and a human form… more at the end of the blog πŸ˜‰

2.) Red Riding Hood – he is so cute! And I am sure he will look amazing. I want to add some real-fake wheat and gras, so he will be my spirit Faunus.

3.) Debbie head – oh she is so stunningly beautiful – finally a head fittet for my character Brie. I really hope I can finally figure her and her character out. And the skin tones of DC and Angel of Dream fit perfectly! (Both yellow skin)

4.) Colin tan girl – my all time favorite face sculpt! – and the tan skin is amazing. I also love her wide hips, I didn’t expected so much booty, but I love it! She and her twin brother Taru look so amazing together…ahhhh

So body swaping… My plan was that Griselda, my Iplehouse KID Lonnie, and Hugin will share sometimes the KID body…since both are grey, I thought maybe the head size will work and simply because… Griselda was first not very happy about that, but after some time, she gave in…

..and Viola – it works!!!

The greys are a little bit off – DC is more greenisch and IH more blueisch – but I think I can work with that…then I thought: if Hugin fits on the KID body, maybe Lonnie will fit on Hugins body – and then I died with laughter: a Sperm was born!

…of course I put everyone where he or she belonged, but this was so funny!! (Griselda is very pouty right now…poor little Dead Girl)…hahahahaha!!!

Then I diecided to clean everyone yesterday and wiped off Griseldas and Maries Face up – so here we are, hopefully the weather starts to get better soon, so I can start all the face ups. Till then cheers and thank you for your time!!

2 thoughts on “Boxopening #10: Doll Chateau – Debbie, Hugin, Colin and Red Riding Hood”

  1. I’m glad to see that everyone arrived home safely! Poor Griselda – she doesn’t look too happy on Hugin’s body. 😦 I think she looks cute, though, like a little spirit version of herself!

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