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OC Design #10: Zarik – Daeva of Thirst – Outfit

Zarik is one of my 7 Daevas – you can find more here. 

Zarik is an Doll chateau Colin girl, in tan skin. She arrived some days ago and I am absolutely in love with her!! I love the body, the skin and mostly the face. (Boxopening)

She has a twin, her brother Taru, who is also a DC Coliin in white and they look amazing together. I am really happy with my decision to have Colin not only once, but twice, since he is the reason this whole BJD business started from the beginning ❤

I already made the clothes from Taru last year and posted here about it (Part 1 Part 2). Of course the plan was for Zarik, to get clothes in a similar style. SInce Taru is more red and orange like his eyes, I wanted Zarik to have more blue elements, since her eyes are blue as well. (which is difficult to see with their narrow eyes)

So there was this naked Dolli and I was wondering, what she could wear – so I thought: Lets se for the beginning, what I have in my boxes. Maybe I have some projects or crafts I can use. And I did!! I found the whole ourfit!

I just have to sew a button on, for the leather skirt, but the rest was really easy!

First I found this skirt I made last year and never used:

Next I found some cute blue pearl earings, I never wear and I decided to use them for a cute top – like a belly dancer.

I also found some more leather for an over skirt, some bottles, broken earrings and some other things, for decoration. One of the earring is now around her neck, the broken one is now on the belt. Zarik got also the leather hood of her brother, but that is fine with him.

She really came alive with all these things, since she is a little poision mixer and I always imagined her, with her bottles on her hip! ❤
here the full concept:

And some more pictures 🙂

I ordered some MSC yesterday, so hopefully I can give all my BJD a proper face up soon!! So stay tuned and thank you for your time – cheers!

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