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Random #4: Doodles, Drawings and Characters*

I love to doodle!

I find it very relaxing and there are moments, doodling helps me to concentrate. Since my school days I was always drawing something. Mostly eyes and half of a face. Then I started education to a tailor, but sadly I had to quit. But in School we had drawing and I continued to go to that teacher, even after I quitted my education – I paid it myself, that was sometimes really hard, since I had nearly no money – but I loved it!
These days I only doodle – sadly I mostly have no time and energy for a good drawing, but also I have no space. My boyfriend and I live together in a very small flat (hopefully this will change soooooon!!. But I doodle face, characters and mostly my dolls. I found my inspiration back with my story, my OC and my dreams – yes I sometimes dream of my dolls/characters – I know, wierd…

So I really love to share some of the moments I felt inspired and made a little something… Some of These I already showed, some not. But hopefully you will enjoy it anyhow. SO thank you in advanced and cheers! ❤


(in order: Marie, Aka Manah, Gaia, Faunus, Flora, Astovidatu, Griselda, Dr.Acul, Taru and Taru again)

5 thoughts on “Random #4: Doodles, Drawings and Characters*”

  1. I don’t think it’s weird to dream about your characters & dolls. Or if it is, I’m weird too! XD

    I’m really happy to see more of your art! Each doodle has so much detail and expressiveness. The picture of Faunus is so funny, he looks as if he doesn’t mind the owl sitting on him. . . ! I hope that you will post more in the future. 😀

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      1. (oh I didn’t see you comment earlier :O )
        No I don’t really felt …. but I bought a needle the other day and I have some wool here. So I will try my best 😀


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