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Random #5: What I bought…and forgot about(Sweets+Rements)

In April I visited my family in England/UK and bought some things in a Japanese supermarket – and forgot about it!!! – Seriously… I just forgot! How? I don’t know.

Yesterday I found my stuff again and I was so happy… But what did I found?

I bought Pocky – I always wanted to taste the different flavors of Pocky. We in Germany have Chocolate Cookie Sticks called Mikado, but they are only normal dark and white chocolate. I was really curious.

I bought thress different flavours: Strawberry, Cookies&Cream and Almond – I love Almonds!

First I tried the Strawberry kind:

The package shows this heart shaped pink chocolate sticks nad it looks very cute. The heart shape is there, but sadly not so defined as in the pictures. And it is very sweet – yes it tastes like Strawberry and they also taste good – I can’t eat much of them, since I feel very full soon.

Next was the Cookies&Cream:

This is really good! I had high expetations, since I love everything Cockies&Cream flavored. The chocolate is White with Little chocolate bits, the Cookie stick is also lightly chocolate flavorted. Amazing ❤

And the third one – Almond:

This is my favorite! It just taste like a brezel stick dipped in almond chocolate butter… heavenly!!! ❤

Lastly I was really happy when I found these Rements again, which I also bought in this Supermarket – Cat on the edge of your glas!! This is just too cute 🙂

And here they are!

The black and white one holds perfectly on the edge, you can drink normally. The white one is okay, but only if it lays on the top, while you drink. But they look both very adorable!! – I am kind of sad, that I didn’t bought more…

Yes these are the things I found again…and I am very happy about it.

I hope you enjoyed it too and thank you – cheers and till next time!

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