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Story Time #5: Doll Stories Updates

I was – I still don’t believe it myself – really inspired the last weeks, to write on my Otherworld characters. I have a lot of stories, backrounds and informations for them in my mind, but I rarely write them down. The story sometimes changes in my head, gets clearer or more confusing with time. So on one hand it is fun to just live this world in my head, when I am laying around, or I’m in the train, listening to music and so on. But on the other hand it really helps me to write it down and focus on a proper storyline. I am still trying to find story and logical mistakes, that I have to correct. I wrote the profile beforehand, so if I make a change in my story, I have to correct a whole lot more… so please bare with me! I will need time to get a good basic storyline.

But what kind of stories did I ad?

Mostly backroundstories – more information, relationships, history. I really would love make a novel with these guys, but for now I am not at this point. I still need to figure more out about them and their world.

So what ist there for now? And what will come?

I wrote a little overview about Brigittes and Samedies family a while ago. It is a brief introduction of the Loa Family Ghede. I will also add a history about the Loa Family Petro and Rada, this next months.

Also I wrote about my Daevas, how they rose to the powerfull Devils, the merciless evil.
I will add a backround story about their fall, how everything changed (Mai 2017).
And finally one chapter is about what happend to everyone after the fall (June 2017).

I plan on 3 stories or histories about each race of my world. I will also write about the spirits and their queen, the little demons, the Zombies and about the humans. But when I can or will add more, I am not sure for now.

Where can you find the stories?

If you go to my Otherworld menu, you will find each race. If I wrote something to one of these races, you can find the story in the menu and I will ad an link in the profile itself.

Yes… that is it for now 🙂 I am glad, that I can focus a Little but more on the Hobby and I have Inspiration/motivation. We will see – till then thank you and byebye ❤

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