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Boxopening #9: Obitsu New Vers.2, 24cm body

So…that was unexpected…

I was on – a german reseller for Azones, Obitsu, Blythe and so on – and originally I was just wondering, what new Azone clothes they may have. But right at the beginning it was: New Obitsu Vers.2, 24cm body preorder.

Oh man… I just wanted three Azones in whole- that’s it. But I am so curious about this body! And yes you guessed right, I ordered one. But not only the body, but also a head and some shoes… I am weak xD

Three days later it was here (so much for preorder – so fast!!) And I am… I still don’t know what I am. I am on one side really excited about this Body, on the other side confused. It is the same size, as my Azone M Body, so i will make a comparison in the next few days.

Whatย I got

The Head

I think she has a cute profile and the head is cute and squishy.

The Shoes

I like the Converse design a lot. And the pink color is great!

The Body

The joints are completely different. more technical and intelligent. I really like the desings, they give the doll more stability. The squishy upper body is wierd… I think I will have to get used to it. The Doll also came with two additional hands, neck mechanism and a misterios rind (if somebody knows, for what that is – please let me know – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I would love to get more different hands, but maybe at some point.


These are just a few poses I tried and they are really great. She can bend in the middle of her Torso very good, and the legs also have a variety of great movements. I will have to try out more!

Let’s get dressed:

The head was easy to put on and then I dressed her, with some of my Azone clothes. In the last Picture you can already see her next to my Azone M Doll… but more to come.

For now thank you and read you soon! Cheers โค

7 thoughts on “Boxopening #9: Obitsu New Vers.2, 24cm body”

  1. So first of all congrats on your new stuff ^^ And oh my plasticpop so many memories connected there! I used to order my pullips there too and always had only positive feedback and service there! Looking forward for more and the result!!


  2. Wow Nana – your doll family seems to be growing quickly! You lucky girl you. XD I’ve heard good things about Obitsu bodies, and with just the few poses you show us here it’s already clear it will be a good poser. I’m looking forward to the review – it’ll be nice to see it side-by-side with the Azone body. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Hahaha, that famous “only have one doll” plan. . . I also planned to just have my Corinne and now I have the two fairies as well. XD Just the way it goes!

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  3. You can use this funny ring for better stability and put it under??? the neck peg. But itโ€™s not necessary for this small obitsu head ^^


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