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OC Design #11: Faunus – Spirit of the Trees and Fields

I did it!

The first of so many is finished – for now… He is a Doll Chateau Little Red Riding Hood and I did his face up. Holy Moly I was worried, if that will work out! I started with him for some reasons, before I will continue with the heads and other parts I still have to do. I don’t know why, but I felt really confident, I won’t screw him up – but I still was very worried, if I can do it.

But I am happy!!! – Really!
Here is the mock up I made for him:

There is some fake weed I wanted to add, but I will leave that for now.I still want to add some fake moss and his owl friend, but for now I want to focus on the other face ups. He will get there and he already looks good…

Before I will show him again, here are some pictures of the process:

I used pastels, aquarelle pencils and MSC… and many many layers!! But I am happy with the result. Especially I think the branch would be horrible to clean!! And yes, Hugin will be the next one to get his face!

But here he is in his full glory! – So thank you and see you soon – cheers ❤


2 thoughts on “OC Design #11: Faunus – Spirit of the Trees and Fields”

  1. Oh my he is soooo cute!!! I adore your work on him such a beautiful idea and blushing! Congrats on this little guy! Really admire your concept and result. And as I saw we can look forward to other Face-up / Blushing works? *__*

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