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Fandom #1: Harry Potter Box – LootCrate

I got my second Harry Potter Loot Crate box!!

I already had one in March, but I forgot to show anything about it, since I was too excited – haha ( but this time I thought, I will share, what I got in the mail!)

What was inside?
  • A Letter Set: black writing paper, envelopes and even a stamp + wax to seal them. All of them had the Door of the Chamber of Secrets on them – so pretty!
  • A pencil case: With Sirius prison numbers – it is quite big, but it really smells plastic, so it has to be an the air for some time, before I will use it
  • Cat plates: like in Dolores office they are UGLY!!! But also so fun – I laughed so hard at them… I mean they are pink cat plates! Hilarious!
  • A T-Shirt: With Colin Farall as Percival Graves on it… sadly something went wrong with the sizing. I got XXXL… I mean I am big, but not THAT big… I don’t know what to do with it for now, but I think I will change it in a smaller top or shirt or dress… But I love the print! And Colin ❤
  • A enameled pin: And nothing less than Tom Riddles destroyed Diary with a Basilisks tooth…like what? How cool is that? And I love pins – I am starting to collect again. The pin is already on my pin bag with the other ones…

I will get the third box in August and I definitely will show it to you guys! I am still not sure, if I want a second round of Harry Potter Loot, or if I will change to something else after the next box. We will see – I will keep you updated!

Until then thank you and cheers! ❤

2 thoughts on “Fandom #1: Harry Potter Box – LootCrate”

  1. The letter box is soooo awesome! What a great loot hihi. And yes those cat plates XD ahh hehe cute idea though, I guess they would be actually pretty without the cats and just the floral prints ^^ all in all a sweet box!

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