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OC Design #12: Belzebub – Zarik – Taru Part 1

Since the last Saturday in Germany was quite hot, I decided to continue my work on my OCs.

I already begun Belzebub (Doll Chateau Hugin) with Faunus (here), but I had some problems sealing him. I had to start the body like 3 times, because everytime I had a fingerprint in the sealent… so annoying!! Damn you finger!… But eventually I had it right  and I could start to paint him.

On the coming weekend is also the next Doll Meet Up in Munich – if the weather is nice – and I had not really any “big” doll to bring with me, with a face up. So I decided to paint also Taru und Zarik – my two Doll Chateau Colin. But not enough… they both needes Horns, but that later. Clothes are done for both, but there a some little details missing or not finished, I have to fix. And then those two would be done!! (for now…)

But here is what I have done in more details…
face ups + body blushing

Taru and Zarik are inspiret by the japanese Kabuki Theatre. Zarik (left, female) also got some blond eye lashes, Taru (right, male) not. They now share the blue and yellow eyes – for now – but maybe both of them will get yellow/orange eyes. Belzebub (far right, demon, rascal, ambassador, casanova….cat), got an Cheshire Cat – Galaxy Inspiration. He has purple and blue color, but also white streaks and dots.  I am so happy with him!


Other things…

Then I made some horns out of FIMO. I really thought it would be more difficult…but it was all right. The horns don’t have the most difficult shape, but I never used FIMO before, so I was kind of worried. I baked them and let them cool, now they are waiting for some paint. I also began to finish all the little things for the twins. To fill the bottles, finish Zariks leather skirt and maybe a hood for her, since her brother wants the leather hood back…

Here is what I was able to do on this day. I also stringed Belzebub, what was a real pain in the a§§! Yeah. But here they all are and today I will continue to work on this project – also I have to sew some other things as well.

So that’s it for now – thank you and cheers ❤

2 thoughts on “OC Design #12: Belzebub – Zarik – Taru Part 1”

  1. Suuuch a productive time! The results are lovely, the time was worth it. Also adore the Galaxy theme. Hope you will have a great time at your doll meet! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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