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ADAW 2017 #3: week 12-21

The project continued! I did some more pictures for my A Doll A Week Projekt. For some weeks it was a little difficult, since I had not really a doll to show or take a picture with. But now I think I am on a good way. Here you can find week 1-4 and week 5-11.

But lets get started:

week 12

ADAW 12/52 - Hang In There!

“Hang In There!”

..she said and looked bejond the branches…”Spring is here! And finally it is our time to bloom again!”

week 13
ADAW 13/52 - The Mouse
“The Mouse”

….excuse me?
What do you think you are doing there?
…don’t you dare to ignore me mouse!

week 14

ADAW 14/52 - Burden Of A Mother

“Burden Of A Mother”

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. ~Honoré de Balzac

Gaia loves her children – the nature spirits of the world. But sometimes all the pressure and responsibility takes it tribute and she needs some time for herself. Then she assign her duty to her most trusted children, the council.

week 15
ADAW 15/52 - Some Time For Yourself
“Some Time For Yourself”

the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
― Nayyirah Waheed

week 16

ADAW 16/52 - Hello Mr Strong Guy

“Hello Mr Strong Guy”

“Oh wow you are such a strong guy” she giggled.
“Watch this!” he yelled and lifted her up.

ADAW 17/52 - Mon Amour
“Mon Amour”

He kissed her neck and told her some heroic stories.
Ray just blushed and giggled, like always.

week 18

ADAW 18/52 - Fight Club

“Fight Club”

“I can lift a girl up over my head” said Buzz
“I can climp on a wall” said Spidey.
“I can fly!”
“I can make spider webs”
“I am shiny!!”

This was going on since more than one hour, so Ray decided, maybe she wasn’t needed here anymore and left the scene.

week 19
ADAW 19/52 - Faunus

Faunus is the spirit of the trees and fields. He is also a member of the high council of nature spirits. His wife is Fauna, a little foxlike spirit. He seems always asleep, one with the woods and fields. Always listening to the earth. But sometimes he opens his eyes and says something very wise – or very funny.

week 20
ADAW 20/52 - Socks?

People keep asking, where these second socks vanish… hmm… I have no clue ?!

week 21
ADAW 21/52 - Connection

Zarik and Taru think of each others as brother and sister. There are not really blood relations in this race, but it is possible for two Daevas to bond deeply. This happen to Zarik and Taru, so they eventually developed a similar appearance and a telekinesis connection. They can communicate without spoken words, just by sending feelings, pictures and desires from one mind to the other.

Wow this was a long one… so just a quick THANXS and bye bye ❤

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