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OC Design #14: Brigitte and Marie

The journey continued!

I finished the face ups of Marie and Brigitte and  I am so happy!! I really think I improve on face ups. I am still not even near professional level, but I am now somewhere I am satisfied with I create and I still see where I can improve (eyebrows !!). But I will show you what I mean in the end…

I didn’t make much pictures this time – just some impressions of the work in progress and of course the end result! (+ bonus!)

Oh and I had to repair Zarik… she fell and her horn fell of AND her nose chipped…like what the actual… But now she is whole again – Thank Goodness.

It was the first time I tried freckles with some watercolor. It went really well! For more details about to make freckles in your face up, a really big help is this youtube video. (it is very entertaining and educating)

For Brie I had just a color scheme (red, brown, pink), but no inspirational picture. For Marie I found this beautiful drawing on Instagram, I used it for a style guide.

And here they are:

Marie - Profile Picture


Brigitte - Profile Picture

…now the bonus part.

Like I said, I see that I improved on face ups, not perfect, but improved. I can see that especially with Marie, since she is my first doll and first victim. And finally I can say, I like what I see – but I show you what I mean:

2014 – Version 1

The lower lashes are horrible, they are just a blob – the brows are horrible, are they even there??- the eyeliner oh gosh, don’T talk about it – the only thing that is ok are the lips

2015 – Version 2

Better – but only better – the brows are ok, the eyeliner is still bad, the lower lashes… no no no – I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. it lacks the special something and more depths.

2017 – Version 3

like I said: not perfect, but the best of all face ups I have ever done… including of all I did the last few weeks. I love the freckles – next time I want to try more skin texture and highlighting, but she will stay like this for a long time!

That’s it for now and face ups – my MSC is empty – again. I will have to buy some more in the future, but since then, other projects can be done!

Thank you for your time and cheers ❤

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